Robert Miller claims he is a former Area 51 employee and in this video, he reveals secrets of the inner workings of Groom Lake. According to Miller, aliens and extraterrestrial crafts are being kept inside Area 51, and he alleges to have been part of a top secret project in which he alleges to have been part of a top secret project in which he was chosen to pilot a reverse engineered UFO.

Is Robert Miller a real former Area 51 employee?

He introduces himself with the statement that he is here because he needs to get something off of his conscience. The information that is being told by this man has not even been told to his closest relatives. Even his mother had hounded him about his secrets but never asked him directly about his work. After this video has been made and sent out he states that he will need to stay in hiding for fear of our government. The government has been known to silence whistle-blowers before and this can most certainly be the case in Mr. Millers’ situation. He states that he wants to tell us everything that he can remember about his experiences before it’s too late.

Amazing discoveries and achievements of mankind are being hidden from us in secrecy according to Miller. His story begins off when he was a kid growing up in a small town in Southern Nevada. His father would work late hours as an aerospace engineer, and could never tell what he did his job. His mother would tell young Mr. Miller to not ask his father about his work. He learned how to fly from his father at the age of fifteen and got a pilots license. When he was old enough he joined the Marine Corps as a pilot. After some time he became one of the top pilots in the Marines, by that time he was 28 years old and thinking about leaving. The thoughts of being able to start a family brewed in his mind until he got as he says “the letter.” It was labeled classified eyes only and had only one name on it, Robert Miller. He went off to a private location and read the letter which stated he had been chosen as a test pilot at Groom Lake. It stated that a plane would pick him up Friday the second, at three AM, at the Las Vegas airport.

Mr. Miller begins to describe his arrival men in black suits escort him into a building built on the side of a hill. He adds a side note that yes, in fact, the men in black are very real. He describes his navigation in the building as a maze of stairs and hallways going deep underground. He was shown a small room with a bed, desk, and some weights which they stated would be his living quarters for the next two months. There was not even a chance to decline as he was locked in the room. Realizing that he was stuck; he looked on the desk and found a booklet labeled working at Grim Lake, as he begins to read this pamphlet he discovered that there were 1,200 employees at this base. Inside the letter, it declared the base as Area 51 and the only way to get a job there was by invitation by insiders. An hour after getting locked in the room the men in black opened the door and told him to come along. He claims to have been escorted down a long hallway that was dimly lit. He was escorted to a room with a table where the men in black explained why he was there, it appeared as if he was sent there to test a new technology not created by humans as they briefed him. It was the craft from the Roswell crash in 1947 that had been reverse engineered. The beings from the ship were still alive and being kept in an undisclosed facility. After being told he would pilot this craft the next morning he was fed with similar employees and fitted for a suit for piloting the craft. Once he was in the suit he was taken to the craft which was a large 50-foot disc with a transparent dome at the top.

The engineers in the room they explained how they believed everything worked. The engines were powered by an anti-matter reactor which could create wormholes allowing the craft to travel near the speed of light. After seeing the craft, it was explained he would pilot this craft the next day after getting told everything needed to pilot this UFO. Getting to look inside the craft there were many gauges inside but no flight controls the only thing in the craft was a helmet. This helmet was used to control the craft as apparently it was controlled telepathically. The day finally came for the test flight and everyone was ordered inside to keep knowledge to a bare minimum. At first, he tried to imagine the craft flying and nothing happened then he imagined that he was flying and the engine started up, being instructed to fly the craft up to 1000 feet. At 500 feet the craft failed and plummeted to the ground causing him to pass out. The next thing that happened was him waking up with casts on his legs in the bases medical unit. A man in black informed him that before the craft crashed it dissipated, hours later they heard a crash and it was the craft hitting the same spot it was going to earlier that day. They hypothesized that the craft had traveled time a few hours with legs broken Robert Miller was medically discharged. He was made to sign a nondisclosure against letting anyone know including making a video about his experiences. What are your thoughts? Is this man telling the truth? Did he actually pilot the first UFO?

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