Ghost Caught on Camera – Is This Proof of The Paranormal?

ghost caught on camera

Do you believe in the Paranormal? Have you ever encountered a ghost before? Today we interviewed Travis McIntyer on the ApexTV Discord, and he shared with us his frightening experiences. Travis McIntyre is a known skeptic in the ApexTV community, and he agreed to do an interview and share his pictures of a spiritual presence in his home. Travis even has a few pictures in which many people think are an actual ghost caught on camera.

The day was just like any other day, and I typically never go downstairs at night. After my back surgery, I needed to use the restroom so I had to use the downstairs bathroom. After using the bathroom, I came out and I noticed that someone was crouched down. Thinking it was one of the kids I asked: ” What are you doing?”. After asking that the strange figure stood up, and I felt frozen. Seeing the figure stand up I noticed he was the size of a grown man. I was frozen solid. Finally able to move, I was able to scoot past it. That’s when it started copying my movement. Finally getting upstairs, I told my girlfriend that there was something downstairs, and she told me that she thought it was a hallucination caused by my pain medication.

Is this a real ghost caught on camera?

A few weeks later while taking pictures of the fireplace, my girlfriend noticed that there was a black mass in the corner of the picture. Freaking out, she called me and told me that she believed me when I said the house was haunted. After seeing the picture, she decided to take more pictures and noticed that there was another black mass in the corner of the room. She called me and told me she was scared and wanted me to come home. Nothing happened at least for a month after that.

ghost caught on camera next to TV
Look at the mysterious black mass next to the TV. Is this an actual ghost caught on camera?

The final incident that happened is when we were cleaning the house so we could move. I started from the 3rd floor and worked my way down the house. I went upstairs to vacuum and I started hearing giggling. Turning the vacuum off thinking it was the sound of it, the giggling stopped. Finishing vacuuming, I went downstairs and for a strange reason, I decided to look up. Upon looking up I noticed a girl with pigtails looking down at me. Closing my eyes out of disbelief I slowly started to open them and noticed that the girl was gone. After that, I decided to clean the bottom floor. While I was sweeping the floor I heard what sounded like an evil whisper and a laugh. Turning around, I saw my girlfriend sitting on the steps and I asked her if she said anything. And she said no. A few minutes later she saw that I was scared and told me to pose for a picture to try to cheer me up. I posted and she took the picture. After taking it she refused to show it to me. Asking several times, she decided to show it to me. I freaked out when I saw the picture, and that’s when she told me she didn’t want to show me because she knew I would freak out. After cleaning, we left the house for the last time and haven’t had an encounter since.

After revealing the story to my stepdaughter, she proceeded to tell me of an incident in the house that she had herself. Christy said that she was downstairs and while walking up the steps she heard her daughter playing. Hearing her talking, she assumed she was playing with her little sister. When she went into the room, she didn’t see her sister in the room with her daughter. When she asked her daughter who she was playing with, she said her friend that lives in the walls. That’s when her sister walked up the stairs, revealing she had never been upstairs playing. Christy said she was freaked out because she had heard multiple voices, and she asked her daughter to not play with her friend on the walls anymore. Christy kept her secret from me out of fear of not being believed.

ghost caught on camera in mirror
Is this a real ghost caught on camera? Look at the mysterious, white shadow next to Travis.

After hearing stories of people being possessed, and seeing movies of people with demonic spirits I never thought it would happen to me. But after my experience, it makes you believe more. It completely waives all doubt about the paranormal, at least for me. I’ve always believed in the afterlife, but after my encounter, I know its for certain that we are not alone.

After seeing the photo Travis submitted to us, we do notice strange entity’s hovering around him or his house. What do you think? Is this an actual ghost caught on camera on multiple occasions? Let us know what you think!

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