Is This Creepy YouTube Channel Really About Math?


Whenever a Creepy YouTube channel is uncovered the internet always goes crazy, as in such cases like the Mystery of “Hi Walter! I got a new gf today!” Video,  We think we may have actually discovered a channel that has a lot of mystery surrounding it.

2018-02-21 copy

We received an email from an unknown user today sending us a link to a YouTube channel, at first glance it looks like a math channel until you realize what content they upload.

2018-02-21 (1).png

It’s a stock photo of an Apple and a Chalkboard with text of what seems to be strings of numbers, The videos are accompanied by heavy breathing which could also be heard as crying and murmuring, In one case the voice even said a simple “Okay.” These videos range from 5-8 seconds long and were posted about 2 weeks ago. There are only 4 videos that were all posted at once labeled #01-#04 but we are very suspicious and are hoping to crack the code.


There are many small details about this user such as one of their descriptions just having the word “gone.” We are pretty sure this channel may have some deep secret because it is very likely that those numbers are a code and not some math equation.

So what do you think? Does this channel really have some deep disturbing lore, is it run by a psychopath? or is it somebody with a lot time trying to mess around with people? Make sure to leave your thoughts and comments below, We would really appreciate it.

And if you’d like to investigate the channel yourself here’s a link:


  1. There’s no number upper than 25..or 26 I haven’t took time to look all of them but hey 26 lettets in the alphabet too and so far, the first wo4wo would be”nine”.

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