This Man Says He is a Time Traveler From 3300


The man in this video, which was recently featured on the YouTube channel Paranormal Elite claims to be a time traveler who came back in time from the year 3300.

The alleged time traveler chose to remain anonymous, with his face being blurred and his voice distorted to keep his real identity hidden.

Though his exact location was not revealed, Paranormal Elite met up with the man in Paris, France for the interview regarding his story about time traveling from the future.

According to the man’s story, he is from a future in which robots and humans are fighting. He says the computer they were fighting against actually had the ability to eliminate the entire Earth at once.

He says there were hardly any animals, and no trees left on our planet.

The supposed time traveler claims the army he was part of was fighting against the robots.

He said that he knew the humans were losing the fight against the machines, and if he stayed in the future they would completely wipe the rest of the human population out, which by the way, he claims is around just 800 people.

They only way to win the fight against the machines, according to him, was to travel back in time and make sure the robots never got that smart in the first place. This is the reason, according to the self-proclaimed time traveler, that he is in the year 2018.

He says that he is “saving us from the apocalypse” by making this video and distributing it on YouTube.

What do you think? Is this man a real time traveler from the future who was fighting against super-intelligent robots? We would love to hear your thought!


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