Interview With a Time Traveler From 2030

Noah The Time Traveler From 2030
Noah claims that Martin Luther King's granddaughter will be elected president.
Today on the ApexTV Discord, we were able to have a private interview with Noah the time traveler from 2030. He claims that he was sent back here for a mission and that during the mission he was strangely fired. After attempting to contact numerous media outlets and being rejected, he didn’t know where else to turn. Hearing about ApexTV in the future, Noah decided to contact us to get his story out.

Is Noah an actual time traveler from 2030?

The following is our email interview with Noah.

Interviewer: So Noah, you claim to be from the year 2030. Can you give us an insight as to why you were sent here?
Noah: Well, I was sent back here with co-workers for a top-secret mission, when something went wrong and all of us were fired.
Interviewer: That’s strange. Do you know the reason you were fired?

Noah: Its so confusing why it happened, but it just did, and ever since that moment I haven’t been working as a time traveler. I decided to contact a media source, after being fired.

Noah claims that he has heard of ApexTV in the future, which would lead him to contact us.

Interviewer: When you made it to the year 2017, what was the hardest thing to adjust too. I mean 12 years isn’t that far into the future, but it had to be difficult right?

Noah: Well, I didn’t really have to adjust to anything until I was fired. When I worked as a time traveler, I had rides everywhere I needed to go, and food when I needed to eat. After being fired, I had to learn to survive here alone.

Interviewer: Since you’re from the year 2030, it was easy for you to adjust since it’s not that far away from our time. Is 2017 the furthest you have ever been in our history?

Noah: Well I did travel back to 1999. I was sent there to study mental health issues so that we could make better treatments for it, but I was sent back mostly for studying depression.

Interviewer: So a lot of people have wondered for quite some time if there have been any other authentic time travelers contacting you?

Noah: Well I can never tell if they are true or take, but I have had several people claiming to be time travelers who have tried to contact me. One of them even tried to get me to send them money.

Learning that Noah cannot get back to his time, it made me wonder what his family was told about his health and whereabouts. So I decided to ask him about it

InterviewerNoah with you not being able to return to your time, what do you think they told your family?

Noah: They told my family I went off to work in the military so when I got stuck here, I am honestly not sure what they did. More than likely though, they didn’t contact them at all.

Interviewer: That is unfortunate Noah and I don’t wish that on anybody. How do you deal with it all? With all the stress from not seeing your family and all the skeptics attacking you, how do you stay so motivated to spread your story?

Noah: I just always try to stay positive. I don’t accept payment for what I do. If I accepted a reward for doing any of this, it would be a morally wrong thing to do. I just try to keep going and when skeptics try to tell me when I am wrong, I always talk with them to see what makes them think I’m fake.

Interviewer: So you have never accepted compensation for your interviews?

Noah: No. Not at all. The only time I would ever get any money spent on me, is if ApexTV sets something up for me like a taxi.

Noah stated in the interview that he is still on the idea that a paradox could happen if there was a giant change or shift. So anything small, that wouldn’t cause a paradox is hard for him to remember. He described it as trying to explain small things about a movie that you haven’t seen in a long time, without ruining the movie for the other person.

Interviewer: Noah is there anything you would like to warn us about. Is there something we should be careful of?

Noah: Yes. My biggest warning to you is to watch out for global warming, it is a serious issue that is only going to get worse in the future.


Interviewer: Can you tell us anything that is undisclosed to the public here in 2018?

Noah: Alien communication and they’ve captured an unintelligent alien species.

Becoming restless, Noah decided he wanted to finish up the interview. I asked him if there was anything he could share with us, that he hasn’t shared with anyone yet.

Noah: Well, I have found something on further inspection at the place I was fired. It was actually a ring that some of the higher-ups wore to represent being all-knowing. It has an Illuminati triangle on it. They used the eye in the pyramid after all the conspiracies about it circulated.

Being told by several people he should return to the place he was fired, Noah decided to do so. When he arrived, he noticed the building had been cleaned out. Upon further inspection he found the ring wedged slightly in the floor tiles. He has plans to show it in an upcoming ApexTV video.Do you believe Noah? Noah does tell an unbelievable story. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait until 2028 to find out the truth!


  1. If this is real, and Noah is telling us the truth, then I need to speak directly to soon as possible.

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