Time Traveler From 2030 Passes Lie Detector Test


In this video, we did the highly anticipated lie detector test with Noah, who claims to be a time traveler from the year 2030. Noah was first featured on our other channel Paranormal Elite, which he first told us why he was stuck in the year 2018. After doing several live interviews with him, we sat down with him in person and hooked him up to a lie detector.

Noah is hooked to a machine that monitors his pulse, and also his breathing and blood pressure so it can get a reading to determine if he is being honest or not. Asking Noah how he is doing, he says that he is still stressed and that it was difficult to get into the United States.

Noah, a supposed time traveler from the year 2030 has passed a lie detector test.

First, we asked Noah if he was a real time traveler from the year 2030. Without hesitation he answers “yes” and the lie detector determined that he was telling the truth. He was then asked if he has any evidence at all that he is a time traveler and he answers that he has no physical evidence except the technology in his wrist and predictions. But he states that he is afraid to give out certain information, in fear of causing a paradox. When he is finished speaking, the lie detector test determined that what he said was truthful.

Noah The Time Traveler From 2030
Noah claims that Martin Luther King’s granddaughter will be elected president.

Noah was then asked if he was in any danger by telling us the information that he was releasing and he answered yes. He says he is okay with it because he can get away from the danger he is in, but the lie detector determined that what he was saying was false. We asked Noah what currency we used in the future and he revealed that we do use crypto-currency, but that we still use paper money and even pennies!

In other videos, Noah the time traveler mentioned that President Donald Trump would be re-elected and he confirmed his statement during the lie detector test. When asked who the President of his time is, he says that its Martin Luther King Jr’s grand-daughter and the lie detector determined he was telling the truth. We asked Noah what his thoughts about our other interviews with time travelers are, and he said some of them he does believe and some of them aren’t real. He was then asked again if he was a real time traveler, and the lie detector revealed he was being honest when he said yes.

time traveler from 2030 Noah
In our first interview with Noah, the supposed time traveler told us about what the future holds.

We told Noah that we interviewed a man who talked about Quantum Computers and asked if the computers are involved in time travel and he says that they are but there are other ways to time travel. He claims that he uses a lot of electricity that fires us the technology in his body while pointing at his wrist.

When asked about transportation in the future, he says people still take airplanes but people take electric trains more. He does state that in the year 2030 hyper-loops are used for getting around! In the year 2030, Noah claims global warming is a rising problem and it’s hotter. Although, it doesn’t affect the way of living for the people of his time. Noah was asked that in the year 2030 if humans have already colonized Mars. He replies by saying that for the first time humans go to mars in the year 2028.

We asked Noah if ApexTv is around in the year 2030, and he says that we are around and very popular! We then asked Noah why he didn’t contact a major news station and he goes on to tell us that he did attempt to contact some, but nobody would pick up his story. Until he was interviewed by ApexTV.

Returning to the subject of Global Warming, we asked Noah if we have switched to any alternative energy sources. He says we have slowed down on fossil fuels and nuclear power, and he says that we have switched over to solar power. Noah says in the future more efficient electric cars will be available as well.

When we asked Noah about our medical technology he states that there has been a lot of advances and that there are cures for certain forms of cancers and diseases. Asking him if he could clue us in on robots, he said that in his time they are in the works of making robots for everyone. Noah then goes on to reveal that the Moon is still empty in his time.

Noah The Time Traveler Lie Detector
Noah passed the lie detector which leads many people to wonder if he is telling the truth.

Nearing the end of the interview, we asked Noah about discovering alien life. He says that we do discover life outside of our planet. We also ask him if he is 100% telling the truth, he says yes, and the lie detector determines he is being truthful. Warning him of the inevitable feedback he will receive, he was asked what he would say to the people calling him a liar. He replied by saying that he understands where you are coming from, and he will continue to tell his story in hopes that people believe him. The lie detector revealed he was being honest about his statement.

Being removed from the lie detector, he was then present with an official ApexTV Time Travel shirt. Noah was also asked to accompany us to a doctor to get an x-ray to reveal the technology in his wrist. We were unprepared for what we would see next. Upon taking the x-ray, we discovered that Noah does have an unknown object in his wrist. But he refused to have it removed. A few days after filming this video, during a live stream with Noah, he suddenly went off the air and we couldn’t reach him. Then a few days later, he sent us an email claiming to be back in our time. Do you believe him? Is he giving us real warnings of our future?

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