We recently interviewed a man named Edward, who claims to be a time traveler who has been to the year 5000.He states that in 2004 in Los Angeles, California he was desperate for a job. So he started working as a technical engineer at a top-secret government laboratory, where he befriended a man named James that would later become a big part of his story.

According to Edward, time travel has already been invented, but it’s kept secret from the public.

Being called in late because of a malfunctioning computer, he noticed that James was carrying out equipment to his car. Being spotted, James froze up and then quickly left. The next evening while having dinner with James, he was asked to be his assistant in the project that James was working on. Accepting James’ offer, Edward left with him to a cottage where he was doing his experiments. Inside he finds a futuristic machine, with a metallic chair and many wires coming out of it. It was the time machine. Asking James what he should do, he said that he wanted Edward to become his experimental lab rat and do the time travel. Denying the proposal, James promises Edward to resolve his citizenship problem.

Having difficulties becoming a citizen and living the American Dream, Edward accepts James’ offer.

On May 18th, Edward sits down on the metallic chair. James hands him a gadget for taking pictures. Then he presses and button and tells Edward to have a good flight to the year 5000.

The alleged time traveler claims that L.A. will be underwater in the year 5000.

He appeared standing on a wooden platform, and after some time realized he was in the city of Los Angeles. But it was underwater. Suddenly, a man came to him and asked him where he was from and Edward told him the Year 2004. The man leads him to a house where another man was sitting in the middle. The leader of the group of people. Telling him the same story, the man asked for proof. Edward showed him the camera James had given him. The man begins to tell Edward the cause of the flood. The man states that the world had flooded due to the melting of the ice caps caused by Global warming.

Time Traveler Picture
The alleged time traveler claims this picture is from the year 5000.

The man’s name was Zach. Zach also told him how terrifying life became after the flood due to increased crime. Walking back out to the wooden platform, Edward takes a picture of the city underwater. He then takes a tour of the remaining colonies with Zach. Edward remembers seeing people starving and dehydrating. Zach also told him that despite life quality, they were almost immortal. And then told Edward he was two years away from being 1,000 years old.

Edward then asks Zach how they achieved the degradation of humanity. The answer would leave Edward shocked. Zach stated that in the year 4028 the leaders of the world made a decision to stop spending so much money on humans, and decided to invest in science and immortality.

He then felt his head spinning and his eyes going dark, and when he opened his eyes he had returned to 2004. James was sitting in front of him and Edward handed him the camera. Edward then begins to show the camera the pictures he took in the year 5000. Edward would soon decide to return to his homeland to forget about the memories of the governmental project. At the end of the video, he urges that we take Global Warming very seriously and start taking precautions to avoid it.

The alleged time traveler’s story has gained international attention. The Daily Mail, Express, and UNILAD have all shared his story.

What do you think? Is Edward an actual time traveler who has been to the year 5000 and back?

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