This self-proclaimed time traveler says he was part of a top secret project within the British government in which he time traveled to the year 8973 and back.

His name is William Taylor, and in this video testimony , he told about what the future is going to be like.

William says that, while working at the British government, he time traveled on multiple occasions. The farthest into the future he went was the year 8973.

He described the year 8973 as a “Utopia” and said that the world was a near perfect place.

Is this man a time traveler?
William Taylor says he is a time traveler that has been to the year 8973 and back.

Below is the transcript of his amazing story.

Hello everyone, my name is William Taylor. I can’t believe I’m actually making this video, because I’ve contemplated doing it for a long time. It’s time to finally get this off my chest, and tell the public the truth. It’s time to tell you, whoever is out there watching, the truth. I used to work for the British government. As my close family knows, I did work for the government, but they didn’t exactly know what I did.I’m extremely regretful for not telling them. I’ve been living a lie for quite some time now. Now is my time to come clean. There are many advanced technologies that are being kept secret from you.There are plans on releasing these technologies to the public eventually, but as of right now they are highly classified. Now, please understand that they are going to come after me for making this video. I’m putting myself at great risk for telling you the truth. I will tell you everything I know, because there might not be a another chance. My work started in the British government in a low ranking position. Eventually, I gained the trust of my superiors and slowly rose up the ranks. One day, I landed a job at a British intelligence agency. I was sat down in a dark room and had to swear that I would never tell anything about my job to anybody. I took the oath, but now I see it will be in the better interest of humanity as a whole if I come forward and tell the truth. You may of heard of the Mandela Effect. The Mandela Effect, or false memory, is a phenomenon where a person recalls something that did not happen. It has been becoming more prevalent in recent years for a reason. I’ll get to that in a second. You may also be aware that many time travelers have come forward with testimonies about their trips to the future. None of them are lying. Time travel was actually first successfully accomplished in 1981. Many of these time travelers have different stories about what the future is like, yet all of them are in fact telling the truth. This is because there is an infinite number of universes. This means that every possible universe exists. And it is possible to move freely between universes. This gets me back to my job at the British intelligence agency. We had developed a machine that allowed one to not only time travel, but move between parallel universes. This is how time travel works. Everytime someone time travels, they actually travel to an alternate universe or in which the year is different than the one you came from. That is why some accounts of the future might be different than others. I’ll tell you about my first experience time traveling. I was put in the machine, which was a small sphere with only enough room for one person. The sphere was made of four inch thick lead to protect from the radiation involved in this process. The way they explained it to me, was that we live in a simulation. In fact, every universe is a simulation. I would first be sent to the fourth dimension, and then from there I would enter another universe with a different time. This was in the early 2000s. We had perfected the technology to a degree in which we could pinpoint a specific year. I was sent to the year 3000. We didn’t know if human civilization would still be around, but we took the chance. During the process, I went unconscious and regained it in what seemed was only a few seconds. I was still inside of the spherical machine, however now, through the window, I saw a red sky. I opened the hatch and got out. I was in the middle of a large city, covered with smog, presumably from pollution. There were very large buildings, but nobody seemed to be on the base level. It was empty. I looked up and saw flying transportation hundreds of feet above me. I could only see the lights penetrating through the thick smog. I got an indication that the oxygen was low, so I had to get back inside the time machine. I traveled back to the year I came from and was soon back inside the base in my natural time. The scientists said I had only been gone for few seconds, while I spent several minutes in the future. After telling the scientists my story, they then explained to me how exactly everything works. As it turns out, with every moment that goes by, we as humans actually travel to another universe in which things are slightly different. So a single universe is actually just a frozen moment in time. And certain universes are linked together to form what we know as a timeline. Now in recent times, many people have been reporting instances in which they remember something one way, but when looking back, it actually occured another way. These are commonly referred to as false memories or the Mandela Effect. This is all due to the recent experiments being carried out by major governments around the world. There have been attempts to move the whole world onto another timeline and change certain things. This is due to political, economical, and psychological reasons. Now you may be wondering how we acquired this technology. There have been a number of coverups of crashed extraterrestrial craft. We were actually able to reverse engineer some of the crafts a while ago at Groom Lake which is commonly known as Area 51. Upon reverse engineering the crafts, we found that they contained the advanced technology needed to time travel, travel between dimensions, and become invisible. A number of the crafts were rebuilt. I actually saw a few of the crafts with my own eyes. In the beginning, the This was also the final mission of my career, before I was let go of my job. I was to be sent to the year 8973. We chose this date, because of calculations determining that this would be when humans and technology fully merge into one. This was a far bigger risk than my journey to the year 3000, because there was a high likelihood that Earth would have been abandoned, and humans could be exclusively living on other planets. I didn’t have anything to lose, except my life, and I I was offered very good financial compensation. I was put inside the same spherical time machine that they used to send me on my previous mission. This was four years after my first mission. I, again, lost consciousness when the machine was powered on. When I regained consciousness I saw light peering into the window on the machine. It was very bright. I looked below and saw green grass and above me was blue sky. It looked as if I was in a park with a few trees. I determined that the air would be safe to breathe so I opened the hatch,stepped out, and proceeded to look around. The first thing I noticed was that the people looked different. There was a paved walking trail and I saw people walking, socializing and having a good time. They were all very tall and skinny. They had big heads and big eyes. I walked over to a group of people standing in a circle. Unsure of what to say, I just said “excuse me, what year is this?” They people turned and looked at me for a second. A woman answered, “You’re in the year 8973.” Everyone seemed as if it was completely normal that they had just met a time traveler. I told them that I was from the year 2005 and everyone seemed completely unfazed. I asked them if they were human. A man told me “We are not human.” At this point I was very confused. I asked, “Are you robots…or aliens?” Another man answered, “We are a combination of both humans and robots.” He told me that everyone lives forever. I asked if overpopulation was an issue and he said that they had colonized many other planets throughout the universe and they would never run out of space. Some people lived inside simulations as well. There was no disease, no conflict, and everything was perfect. I was in a utopia. The next thing I noticed was the public transport. I saw a city in the distance and wanted to go to it to learn more about our future world. There was this machine that you stepped inside and there was a few buttons with what I assumed were places. One of the buttons said “downtown” so I clicked it. I went unconscious and regained consciousness in a similar machine but I could tell I was now in the middle of the city. I stepped out onto the road. I looked around for cars but saw none. There were only people walking, riding hoverboards, and floating a couple feet off the ground with only their shoes. I looked above me and saw what somewhat resembled cars and buses. They were flying so fast you could barely make out what they were. To my surprise I saw other people that looked like normal people from my time. I went up to one man and asked him if he was also from the future. He said that he was also a time traveler from 2055. I told him I was from 2005. It seemed as if time travelers were free to come visit this future. There was no crime as far as I could see. I loved this future and didn’t want to go back, but I knew I had a responsibility. It seemed as if they had found solutions to literally any problem you could have. Do you wish you had more time? They had found a solution even this! There was a device that allowed you to perceive time more slowly than other so you could accomplish more in less time. That is why some people appeared to be moving much faster than others. One man even let me try out the machine. I looked into the sky and saw a very bright, red glow. It was next to the sun. I asked someone what that was. They said it was the red supergiant star Antares. It had exploded into a supernova and now it was visible in broad daylight. I was astounded. I was also wondering why everybody could speak in such perfect English. I stopped a lady on the street and asked her. She told me that everyone has a device implanted in their heads that allows them to do an instant brain scan on the person they are talking to. Their words are then instantly translated to words that are recognizable to the person depending on the timeline and location that the person is from. She also told me that people in the future don’t even talk with their mouths unless they are talking with someone from the past. That is why their mouths had evolved to be much smaller than out modern mouths. Their implanted devices allowed them to communicate with each other in what can only be described as telepathically. I checked my watch and found I had spent 5 hours in the future and it was time to come back. I went back to my time machine in the park and went back to 2005. The whole thing was like a dream, but it was real. I had taken many pictures of the future, but they were all confiscated by the government. I feel as if it my responsibility to tell you about this for a few reasons. Firstly, it should lead everyone watching this to make good decisions about the future. Remember to always keep solving problems so one day we can live in the utopia I visited. It was truly heaven on Earth. And also, I feel the need to communicate this because advanced technologies are being hidden from you. But not for long. They plan to release time travel to the public in 2028. Until then, I hope you all make good decisions that will make positive impacts on the future of humanity. I want to thank ApexTV for disturbing my message to the world. It is highly important that this gets seen by as many people as possible. People need to know about this. Remember to keep innovating new technologies and cures. Our lives will continue to get better if we do so. I wish everyone the best. Goodbye.

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Aside from being a time traveler, William also tells us about the Mandela Effect and how it is caused by other people time traveling.

Do you think William Taylor is a real time traveler?
The “time traveler” tells about how he met robot-human hybrids in the year 8973.

William the time traveler also talked about how he met with people who were apparently part robot.

What do you think? Is William Taylor an actual time traveler who has been to the future on multiple occasions like he claimed in his video testimony?

If you had the ability to become a time traveler, what year would you travel to?

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