Time Traveler From 2900 Claims There Will Be a Robot Island


Imagine a island filled with robots and self learning machines with no humans in sight, this is what a Time Traveler from the year 2900 claimed in a phone call with us last night. We did a background check and found evidence to prove he wasn’t lying but that was confidential. His name was Rynx and he told up in great detail about the future including a Robot Island.

“Japan is no longer a Country in the future due to the Artificial Intelligence that inhabits the Island now.”

Obviously this is a serious topic because he claims a entire country is wiped out from robots. We asked him some more about this topic and he told us this.

“Yeah, they wiped out all the population of Japan. It’s only a small amount of time before they start figuring out what water is and that there is land far beyond. We have discussed Nuclear plans but we are afraid if any survive they can just quickly create more of themselves as they are doing now.”

Do with this information as you wish but this is a very terrifying topic, even if Rynx is not a real time traveler it’s still not hard to believe something like this could happen in the future. We just hope that it’s stopped before its too late.

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