Time Traveler Reveals Video of Las Vegas in 2120

Future Video of Las Vegas

We first met a man named Noah who claims to be a time traveler late in 2017 when he sent us a video of him sitting down and telling his story. Here was the original video that he sent us:

In the original video he sent us, he talked about that he was from the year 2030 and was currently stuck in the year 2017 after being fired from his job halfway during a mission. He actually broke down crying in the video because he figured he would not get to see his family again.

Fast forward to July of 2018. Noah claims to have gone back to 2030 and saw his family and he says he faced a lot of criticism from the media and public for revealing secrets about the future and risking causing a paradox. He says he was then part of another mission in which he visited the year 2120.

Although only being in the year 2120 very briefly, Noah claims he was able to get a video from the future. In a recent interview, he showed us what he claims is an actual video of a futuristic city in the year 2120. Here was the video:

After showing this video of a futuristic city, which Noah claims is Las Vegas, Nevada, he received a lot of criticism from people saying that the video was nothing but CGI. Many people left comments on the video requesting to see the raw footage, rather than just seeing a video being played back from a smart phone like he showed in the above interview.

So he sent us this video in which he says is the raw footage. Here it is:

Noah the alleged time traveler says that the futuristic vehicles seen flying in the footage are actually very common modes of transportation in the future, even more so than modern day cars. Noah says that the red sky in the video is a result of an increase amount of Co2 in the atmosphere, also known as global warming. The supposed time traveler said it was incredibly hot in the year 2120.

What do you think? Is Noah an actual time traveler and did he show a real video from the future?

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