Time Traveler Who Visited 8973 Passes Lie Detector Test


We recently conducted a lie detector test on a man named William Taylor, who claims to have been to the year 8973 and back as part of a top secret mission in Britain.

William passed multiple questions and only failed one question asking “Are you in any danger for coming out with your story?”

He replied “No, I think I should be OK,” and the lie detector indicated that he was most likely not telling the truth.

When he was asked about his experience time traveling to the future however, he passed the polygraph test with flying colors.

The alleged “time traveler” passed the lie detector test with flying colors.

Other Time Travelers Who Have Passed Polygraph Tests

This is the third lie detector test that we at ApexTV have conducted on people claiming to be time travelers. The first polygraph test we conducted was on a man named Noah, who was claiming to be a time traveler from the year 2030. Noah also passed the test after being questioned about his experience.

The second lie detector test we conducted was on a man named James Oliver, who claimed to be from the year 6491. James also passed the test and the video we did with him gained international coverage by various news outlets.

Now this leads to one major question. Do all of these alleged time travelers just truly believe what they are saying, or could they actually be or have been to the future? One must keep in mind the possibility that these people could just truly believe what they are saying and therefor pass the polygraph test when questioned.

Going back to William Taylor, he talked about the future of humanity and claims to have met evolved humans in the year 8973 who told him what the future holds for Earth.

He says that, in the near future, a president will be elected with the initials Y.R.K. Could this be Yolanda Renee King, the future president that Noah talked about?

This was actually our second interview with William, our first being in which he outlined his full story.

What do you think? Is William Taylor an actual time traveler who has visited the far future and does him passing the lie detector test indicate that he is telling the truth?

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